Top 10 Family Dinner Ideas That Are Quick and Easy to Make

Large families know the importance of recipes that can feed a crowd. These big family dinner ideas feed 8 or more and are done in just 30 minutes!

Question for you — how many steps do you get a day?!? TBH, as someone who works…

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Question for you — how many steps do you get a day?!? TBH, as someone who works from home and sits in front of a computer for most of the day, if I don’t put in extra effort I end the day with around 800-2K steps, even on days where I hit the gym for a workout. 😱
Over the last couple weeks I set a goal for myself to get 10K steps every day! I keep track on my @apple watch and it’s been SO motivating. Getting in dedicated workouts is great, but I honestly think adding more physical activity (more standing, less sitting and more steps) throughout your normal routine can create an even bigger impact on your health. 🙌 Our bodies aren’t meant to be sedentary and they feel so much better when we make an effort to move them more. 💃🏻
Want to learn how to get 10K steps a day — even with a desk job? Or how to set a step goal if 10K is too much or too little for you? Check out the post linked in my bio!
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24 thoughts on “Question for you — how many steps do you get a day?!? TBH, as someone who works…

  1. I have been walking one kid to school and that gets me to 10K but last week I decided to walk 2 kids to school plus walk to the gym and that got me to 18K 😱 I was pretty tired by night time! 😂

  2. I sit at a desk all day but carve out two walks during my work day-usually mid morning and after lunch. It’s hard because some days I’m stuck in meetings or get busy but I try for a least one good stroll around the complex. I also walk the bambino after I get home to get my steps in. There’s a satisfaction to getting that buzz on my Fitbit that informs me I’ve hit my goal!

  3. I have an iwatch too and am a grad student (lots of reading and computer sitting). When my stand alert goes off every hour, ill do 50 jumping jacks. Haven’t figured out the most effective method for increasing steps though

  4. Great article! I have worked from home for the past year and a half and my strength and activity has gone down considerably. I like the intention behind your tips. Thanks!

  5. These posts are a super helpful reminder to keep this a present goal for me! I lost 90 pounds with the help of a @Fitbit and @myfitnesspal I adore my Fitbit and I couldn’t have done it without them. I had a serious injury this year and I am now looking at 30 pounds to lose and steps are a great way to start. Part of what helped me with step counting was the competing aspect on the app. Beating who had the most steps or climbed the most floors per day made it fun to get my body moving!

  6. I started by parking in the furthest car space at the supermarket and adding steps in that way. Puppy walks and mindfully planning where I can add steps to my day is very useful. I aim for 12.5k per day but am pleased if I consistently get 10k.

  7. I have to wake up early and walk for 30 minutes. If I don’t start my day this way, it’s a lost cause to get my 10k steps in. But once I start with this many, it helps me feel motivated all day to get up and move once an hour. I always feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. When I get my steps in.

  8. My morning 12km run gets me about 13,0000 steps. Then the reminder of my stay at home mom life gets me almost 20,00 if we walk to the coffee shop or park or hike, that’s more like 23,000 steps per day. Just for your analysis. When I was 9 months Pregnant and not leaving the house, i was lucky to see 1,200 steps per day.

  9. I’m a school counselor, all over my building every day. I get about 8,000 steps from doing my work, so I set my goal at 15,000 so that I will get that purposeful cardio movement in 🐝

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